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Blast from the Past: ReBoot

February 3, 2012

Before Toy Story, before Pixar, before Avatar, there was a small company in Canada called Mainframe, that produced the first 100% CGI television show. That show was ReBoot.

Originally, a Saturday morning cartoon that discussed the tough issues of living inside a PC.  Issues like, “when will the next system upgrade be?” or “can we win the next game so the sector doesn’t get destroyed and everyone nullified?”.  You know, eveyday issues that kids can related to.

This is my all time favorite show.  Not only it it have fun adventures for my 10 year old self, but a number of jokes that I didn’t quite get until I was older.  Everything had a computer theme.  The town was divided into sectors from Baudway to Floating Point Park.  There were software pirates and every other character was a parody of someone else (Captains Kirk and Picard for example).  The main plotline was the classic good vs evil: Guardian 452 (Bob) vs the resident virus Megabyte.  most episodes for the first two seasons revolved around Megabyte trying to find a way out of Mainframe and into the Net to reach the Super computer.  Bob did stop him, most of the time, but I wonder how effective of an antivirus he was since never could delete him.  Maybe I shouldn’t be over analyzing this…

The third season was considerably darker, with the younger character having to grow up and deal with loss, abandonment and an ever growing evil (I did say this was a kids’ show, right?)  The adult characters were stressed out enough that I wanted to write them a prescription for xanax.

Remeber when I mentioned the kid characters had to grow up? Yeah that's them.

Needless to say, the darker issues caused alot of censoring and eventual cancellation from ABC’s Saturday morning lineup.  Thankfully Cartoon Network picked it up for reruns on their Toonami section.  I remember waking up at 1am Saturday nights just so I could sneak down and watch it. Pure sleep deprived euphoria…

The show cancelled after the 3rd season, with a happy complete ending.  Then, Mainframe (the production compay) got the OK to make two movies 3  years (SQUEE!!).  That was great news!  Nothing could be greater!  Only

There was a cliffhanger ending.

And then Mainframe was bought out.  This was the moment that I decided to take up drinking.  Actually that’s a little harsh.  The new owner, Rainmaker, promised fans 3 new movies, to come out in 2010.  The time has come and past, but they did produce a fan based webcomic and a revised (I highly recommend you check it out).  They still own the rights and have a new Guardian character, but my hopes are slowly dying.

I don’t know which is worse: An unsettling, but acceptable ending to a series or a rebooted ReBoot that potentially destroys my childhood.  Only time will tell.

My opinion of Rainmaker for making me wait this long.

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